Delfi Dorussen

PhD student (NRPDTP)

Email / Twitter / ORCID

I am a first year PhD student in the Borrill Lab on the NRPDTP programme. I am interested in the mechanisms underlying homoeologue expression bias in wheat, including epigenetic regulation of expression. Further, I aim to understand the link between homoeologue expression bias and the phenotype of mutant plants.

I have an BA in Biological Natural Sciences (specialising in Plant Sciences) from the University of Cambridge, where I completed my undergraduate research project in Professor Ottoline Leyser’s group, studying the role of plasmodesmata in control of shoot branching in Arabidopsis. After this, I obtained an MSc in Biology from Wageningen University & Research. Here, in Professor Mark Aarts’ group, I investigated the contribution of the organellar genomes to natural variation in photosynthesis in Arabidopsis.


Paterlini A, Dorussen D, Fichtner F, Van Rongen M, Delacruz R, Vojnović A, Helariutta Y, Leyser O, Callose accumulation in specific phloem cell types reduces axillary bud growth in Arabidopsis thaliana, New Phytologist 2021.

Chan J, Mansfield C, Clouet F, Dorussen D, Coen E, Intrinsic Cell Polarity Coupled to Growth Axis Formation in Tobacco BY-2 Cells, Current Biology 2020, 30:1-8.