Grace Bale

MSci Biological Sciences



I am a fourth and final year student at the University of Birmingham, studying MSci Biological Sciences with professional placement. I spent my third year of studies working on placement at KWS UK Ltd, a plant breeding company. Throughout my placement I ran my own research project: ‘Optimising training sets for genomic prediction of yellow rust susceptibility in winter wheat varieties’. Since returning to university I have focused my modules to genetics and plant biology. My fourth year project, titled: ‘Understanding differential gene expression controlling grain development in wheat’, involves using 3D-RNA Seq to identify differentially expressed genes throughout wheat grain development, by analysing RNA-Seq data collected across multiple time points. I aim to perform gene ontology enrichment analysis to determine which genes focus on in more detail. The main objective is to identify differentially expressed genes that could be selected throughout the wheat breeding process, or manipulated, to improve grain quality of yield.