Nikita Mannar Chinna Durai

MSc Molecular Biotechnology

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I received my bachelors in biotechnology at the Jain University (India). During my Bachelors degree I carried out a project in a private institute where I extracted Bromelain enzyme from pineapple stem and characterized for their medicinal properties. To extend my knowledge in the field of biotechnology, I decided to pursue my master’s in molecular biotechnology. I joined Dr Borrill’s lab in October 2019 as part of my master’s project.

Research Interests

My research project in Dr Borrill’s lab focuses on studying the molecular functions of CCAAT- binding transcription factors (TFs) to test whether they are responsible for senescence in wheat. CCAAT- binding factor is also referred to as Nuclear factor-Y. The function of NF-Y family of TFs is diverse in plants. It is involved in regulating flowering time, abiotic stress response etc, but my project involves understanding whether it is responsible for senescence of Triticum aestivum.