Sophie Mogg

Research Technician


I’m a research technician in the Borrill lab where I will be undertaking research into transcription factors involved in wheat development.


In 2019 I completed my PhD studying the roles of CLE peptides in Arabidopsis thaliana vascular development as well as producing a large-scale phylogeny of CLE peptides from genomes accessible on Phytozome. During my studies in Manchester I also had the great opportunity to work with several other plant species as well as for the Manchester Museum’s herbarium. There I participated in conserving and cataloguing a variety of plant specimens as well as partaking in many public engagement events. I also wrote for the Manchester Museum blog under the pseudonym of the Travelling Botanist – something I hope to rekindle in the near future!

Before that I studied at the University of Birmingham, completing an undergraduate masters in Biological Sciences. In my final year I undertook a project with Prof Daniel Gibbs where I studied the degradation of VRN2 via the N-end rule pathway.